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Branch Mesh Generator Node

This element creates the mesh for all the branch structure of the tree.

Min and Max Polygon Sides

Number of sides on the polygon used to mesh a series of following branches. When min and max polygon sides then all the tree is going to have the same number of sides; if min and max value differ then the number of sides is calculated within the range from the branch girth (thinner branch should get less polygon sides).

Polygon sides min=3 and max=3.

Polygon sides min=4 and max=4.

Polygon sides min=3 and max=6.

Polygon sides min=9 and max=9.

Segment Mesh Angle

The angle used to rotate the polygon used as base of the mesh around the branch center. This determines how a child branch will intersect it mesh with its parent branch mesh.

Segment mesh angle = 0.

Segment mesh angle = 50.

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