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Factory Options

Operations available for the tree factory are displayed on side panel next to the node canvas.

1. Pipeline Status: displays the status of the pipeline; every time a change is made on the pipeline the factory runs a validation on it and displays the result here. Only valid pipelines can produce tree assets.
2. Generate New Preview: if a valid pipeline is present at the tree node canvas this option comes available to produce a preview tree on the scene. Depending on the number of elements with randomization are connected in the producing pipeline, each time this button is pressed a different tree should be previewed.
3. Create Prefab: creates a prefab asset out of the current preview tree on the scene generated by a pipeline. Several prefab options are available at the Factory Options side panel.
4. Create New Pipeline: cleans the tree node canvas and initializes a new pipeline ready to be extended. Make sure you save changes if previously working on a pipeline you need to persist.
5. Load From Asset: opens a file dialog to select an asset file where a pipeline has been saved and loads it on the tree node canvas.
6. Save As New Asset: saves the current tree node canvas to a new asset file.
7. Save: when a tree node canvas has been loaded from an asset file this option persist any changes made to the pipeline to that particular asset file.
8. Asset Path: displays the path of the asset file the pipeline was loaded from.
9. Open from Catalog: opens the Catalog Side Panel displaying a collection of pipeline available to load on the tree node canvas.
10. Sprouts Groups: displays the list of sprout groups registered on the pipeline and provide options to add new ones or delete existing ones.
11. Preview Mode Options: two options are available when previewing trees:
a) Textured: shows the preview tree with textures and materials applied to its submeshes.
b) Colored: submeshes on the preview tree are shown using colored areas (based on sprout groups).
12. Advanced Options: opens the Factory Advanced Options Side Panel with more advanced options for the factory.
13. Zoom: slider for the zoom factor on the tree node canvas area.

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