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Advanced Factory Options

The Advanced Factory Options side panel is displayed when clicking on the Advanced Options button on the main side panel.

Advanced Options

Factory Scale: controls the scale of the produced tree. Values within the pipeline elements remain the same but the final tree mesh is multiplied by this factor.

Prefab Options

These options describe how the prefab creation process should handle resources such as textures, materials and atlases.

Clone assigned custom materials inside prefab. When mapping elements within the pipeline have reference materials assigned to be applied to the final tree prefab, this option clones those materials and makes them part of the hierarchy of the resulting prefab.

Override shader on custom materials (for WindZone). When assigning wind weight (using UV2 mesh channel) to the final tree prefab a special Unity shader is needed applied to the mesh geometry in order to interact with WindZones; this options reflects the assigned material to this Unity shader.

Copy bark textures to prefab folder. If a texture is assigned to be applied to the tree trunk, this option copy that texture to the prefab folder. If the option is unchecked then the material used to create the bark points to the original assigned texture. Leaving this option unchecked is useful to let several tree prefabs share the same bark texture on their materials.

Create texture atlas for sprouts. When using several textures assigned to the sprout groups this options creates a texture atlas to be used by the prefab materials.

Atlas Size. Sets the dimensions for the sprout texture atlas.

Prefab Meshes

Strict low-poly prefab mesh generation (no LODs). The meshes generated on the prefab have the minimum required number of polygons to make the tree structure.

Use LOD groups on final prefab. The produced prefab has two LOD meshes as part of the asset.

Re-position prefab mesh to zero if the tree has a single root. When using custom positions to spawn trees the mesh generated have an offset relative to the tree factory position; this option sets the tree mesh origin back to zero.

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