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Positioner Node

The positioner is a closing element for the pipeline, it positions the final tree on a location on the scene.

Use Custom Positions

By default the final location for a tree is the factory transform. If the “Use Custom Positions” is marked then the positioner randomly selects between a list of locations to position the final tree.

Positions List

The list of positions to place the tree. Selecting one of the items on the list displays this item’s properties.

Tree built on a custom position.


Only enabled positions on the positioner are taken as possible locations for the tree.

Root Position

The Vector3 property that marks a possible origin for a tree. The point that displays the position is draggable on the scene view.

Override Root Direction

If this property is checked the direction of the tree trunk could be modified by the assigned position.

Root Direction

The Vector3 property for the direction of the tree trunk.

Tree tilted according to the custom location root direction.

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